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Want to know the best way to learn bug bounty hunting? Here are 5 bug bounty books for beginners that you should read!

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We all know that online attacks are increasing day by day and so does the demand of cybersecurity researcher, bug bounty hunters, penetration testers etc. Therefore, one must possess the knowledge of ethical hacking if they want to make a living out of it. However, It can be very complicated to learn cybersecurity or web application hacking if you are not following the basics or start learning directly from the advance level. This problem often happens to the beginners because there is no organized set of materials is available on the internet.

The best and traditional way to learn anything is by reading books. This is because a book contains many in-depth knowledge about anything that may be missing in a course or a video related content. Keeping this in mind, we have shortlisted top 5 bug bounty books for beginners that one should follow even if they are intermediate in hacking.



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This book will initially start with introducing you to the concept of Bug Bounty hunting. Then we will dig deeper into concepts of vulnerabilities and analysis such as HTML injection, CRLF injection and so on. Towards the end of the book, we will get hands-on experience working with different tools used for bug hunting and various blogs and communities to be followed.

This book will get you started with bug bounty hunting and its fundamentals.

What you will learn?

  • Learn the basics of bug bounty hunting
  • Hunt bugs in web applications
  • Hunt bugs in Android applications
  • Analyse the top 300 bug reports
  • Discover bug bounty hunting research methodologies
  • Explore different tools used for Bug Hunting

Who this book is for?

This book is targeted towards white-hat hackers, or anyone who wants to understand the concept behind bug bounty hunting and understand this brilliant way of penetration testing.

2. Bug Bounty Bootcamp: The Guide to Finding and Reporting Web Vulnerabilities

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You’ll start by learning how to choose a program, write quality bug reports, and maintain professional relationships in the industry. Then you’ll learn how to set up a web hacking lab and use a proxy to capture traffic. In Part 3 of the book, you’ll explore the mechanisms of common web vulnerabilities, like XSS, SQL injection, and template injection, and receive detailed advice on how to find them and bypass common protections. You’ll also learn how to chain multiple bugs to maximize the impact of your vulnerabilities.

Finally, the book touches on advanced techniques rarely covered in introductory hacking books but that are crucial to understand to hack web applications. You’ll learn how to hack mobile apps, review an application’s source code for security issues, find vulnerabilities in APIs, and automate your hacking process. By the end of the book, you’ll have learned the tools and techniques necessary to be a competent web hacker and find bugs on a bug bounty program.

3. The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook: Finding and Exploiting Security Flaws

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This book is considered as the “Bible” of Web Application Hacking and is must for those who are into bug bounty and cybersecurity.

This fully updated edition contains the very latest attack techniques and countermeasures, showing you how to break into today’s complex and highly functional applications. Roll up your sleeves and dig in.

  • Discover how cloud architectures and social networking have added exploitable attack surfaces to applications
  • Leverage the latest HTML features to deliver powerful cross-site scripting attacks
  • Deliver new injection exploits, including XML external entity and HTTP parameter pollution attacks
  • Learn how to break encrypted session tokens and other sensitive data found in cloud services
  • Discover how technologies like HTML5, REST, CSS and JSON can be exploited to attack applications and compromise users
  • Learn new techniques for automating attacksand dealing with CAPTCHAs and cross-site request forgery tokens
  • Steal sensitive data across domains using seemingly harmless application functions and new browser features
  • Source code for some of the scripts in the book
  • Links to tools and other resources
  • A checklist of tasks involved in most attacks
  • Answers to the questions posed in each chapter
  • Hundreds of interactive vulnerability labs

4.Mastering Modern Web Penetration Testing

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Web penetration testing is a growing, fast-moving, and absolutely critical field in information security. This book executes modern web application attacks and utilises cutting-edge hacking techniques with an enhanced knowledge of web application security.

We will cover web hacking techniques so you can explore the attack vectors during penetration tests. The book encompasses the latest technologies such as OAuth 2.0, Web API testing methodologies and XML vectors used by hackers. Some lesser discussed attack vectors such as RPO (relative path overwrite), DOM clobbering, PHP Object Injection and etc. has been covered in this book.

We’ll explain various old school techniques in depth such as XSS, CSRF, SQL Injection through the ever-dependable SQLMap and reconnaissance.

Websites nowadays provide APIs to allow integration with third party applications, thereby exposing a lot of attack surface, we cover testing of these APIs using real-life examples.

What you will learn

  • Get to know the new and less-publicized techniques such PHP Object Injection and XML-based vectors
  • Work with different security tools to automate most of the redundant tasks
  • See different kinds of newly-designed security headers and how they help to provide security
  • Exploit and detect different kinds of XSS vulnerabilities
  • Protect your web application using filtering mechanisms
  • Understand old school and classic web hacking in depth using SQL Injection, XSS, and CSRF
  • Grasp XML-related vulnerabilities and attack vectors such as XXE and DoS techniques
  • Get to know how to test REST APIs to discover security issues in them

5. Real-World Bug Hunting: A Field Guide to Web Hacking

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Real-World Bug Hunting is the premier field guide to finding software bugs. Whether you’re a cyber-security beginner who wants to make the internet safer or a seasoned developer who wants to write secure code, ethical hacker Peter Yaworski will show you how it’s done.

You’ll learn about the most common types of bugs like cross-site scripting, insecure direct object references, and server-side request forgery. Using real-life case studies of rewarded vulnerabilities from applications like Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Uber, you’ll see how hackers manage to invoke race conditions while transferring money, use URL parameter to cause users to like unintended tweets, and more.

Each chapter introduces a vulnerability type accompanied by a series of actual reported bug bounties. The book’s collection of tales from the field will teach you how attackers trick users into giving away their sensitive information and how sites may reveal their vulnerabilities to savvy users. You’ll even learn how you could turn your challenging new hobby into a successful career. You’ll learn:

  • How the internet works and basic web hacking concepts
  • How attackers compromise websites
  • How to identify functionality commonly associated with vulnerabilities
  • How to find bug bounty programs and submit effective vulnerability reports


These books offers immense knowledge in bug bounty hunting. You should definitely buy these products if you can in order to boost up your ethical hacking skills. Comment down your favorite bug bounty book!

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