Bug Bounty: Blind XSS Payloads Explained


Hi everyone! In this article, you will learn about how to craft blind xss payloads to get yourself bounties. Before we dive deep in this article, let us first learn about some few things:

A Simple Blind XSS Scenario:

Let’s say there is a website contactme.com. The website contains a contact us page. There we have a form with three fields Name, Email Address and Phone Number. On submitting the form, we see a message “Thank you for contacting us. We will be in touch with you within 24 hrs”. After that, someone from the company logs into their account and sees your details. Using the details, they contact you for further assistance.


Let’s try to create a very simple payload for xss i.e <script>alert(1)</script>. We all know that it will pop an alert once get rendered. But in blind xss, we won’t be able to see the popup. So, we need to think of a payload which we can use to see the output of the response body.


Now, let us try to craft a payload with grabify. Follow the steps below:


I hope you understand how we can create blind xss payloads. If you have any doubts or issue then feel free to comment down below.


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